Why do I need the UV-Safespace Air Purifier?

Air is the most important element needed to sustain life. The human body will cease functioning if deprived of air for only 1-3 minutes, whereby it can function for 2-4 days without water, and 2-4 weeks without food.

Our personal health is dependent on clean air! Unfiltered air can carry pathogens including: Viruses (Covid-19,) Bacteria (MRSA,) Allergens (pollen, dust, mold & mildew,) as well as toxic gases (formaldehyde, benzene and acetone.)

The airborne contaminants often found in the indoor air we breathe can cause respiratory problems, sleep disorders, cancer, sickness, and even death.

Who needs clean indoor air the most?

The health of everyone is dependent on clean indoor air, and most people spend 90% of their time indoors, however, it’s most essential for:
i. Seniors over the age of 65, who’s immune response is typically lower 2
ii. Infants, as the air quality 2 feet from the floor is 10x dirtier than the air 2 feet from the ceiling, and their lungs are only 1/10th the size of a teenager
iii. Asthma sufferers, or anyone with Allergies or sleep disorders iv. Pets, for same reason as infants v. Adults with constant contact with large numbers of people on a daily basis, such as teachers, health care professionals,
retail and restaurant workers, airline and hotel employees, police, fire and
paramedics, bus and limo drivers

Why is the UV-Safespace different?

The Safespace is the only portable air purifier on the market that combines all of the effective air purification technologies into one unit, including HEPA filtration, carbon-activated filtering, UVC virus killing capabilities via highly effective long lasting UVC AND UVA LED light, and a built-in electronic Air-Quality Indicator (AQI) which measures the air quality every second, all in a package weighing less than a pound!

Is the UV-Safespace filter replaceable?

Yes, it typically lasts 6 months if used on a daily basis, but can be replaced quarterly in typical dirty air environments, such as hair or nail salons, health-care facilities or construction zones. You can easily check the HEPA filter at any time by turning the bottom of the unit, where the filter is located.

Does the UV-Safespace remove odors?

Yes, including those from smoke, perfumes, pets, chemicals used for hair or nail treatments, cigarettes and cannabis.

If I use the UV-Safespace air purifier in my bedroom, will it help
me sleep?

Yes. Studies have shown indoor air pollution can cause problems breathing, which is a major cause for snoring and difficulties in sleeping soundly. Removing allergens and airborne pathogens will not only help sleeping, but will improve overall health.

What do the numbers and colored light on the top of the UV Safespace mean?

The AQI measures the quantity of airborne contaminants in ppm (parts-per million,) with 0-75 being clean air, which registers a green light, 75-150 showing fair air quality and a gold light, and numbers above 150 ppm showing a red light, signifying dirty air. The unit will register numbers up to 500 ppm, although dirty airquality can have ppm numbers in the thousands.

I’ve never seen an air purifier with a UV turbo button. What
does it do?

The UV-Safespace is the only air purifier on the market with a UV Turbo feature. The UV-turbo button is for an extra boost of both UVC and UVA light. When the UV button is pressed, and turns red, the turbo mode will supply a maximum dose of violet UV light for10 minutes, and will help bringing down high particulate numbers.